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Cat Bat, Halloween T-Shirt

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Cat Bat is one of my favorite original linocuts, a perfect T for Fall and Spooky season. This is a one of a kind, small batch, shirt that is only available this time of year. It features an original linocut design on the front of the shirt, featuring a black cat, spider webs, and pumpkins. On the back, I printed a small yoke print of witches and more pumpkins and cats. Embrace the extra! The linocut ink makes for a very soft shirt, you can barely feel it is there!

All prints are hand stamped by me. I do my best to print perfectly straight and even color. Please know that you are buying a handmade product and slight variations occur.

These prints are on a beautifully dyed, copper shirt. The shirts are 100% cotton. For my linocut Ts, I recommend cold wash and hang drying. The shirts fit true to size. Coloring may vary because of the dying process.