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Composting is Cool - Screen Printed Tee

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This t-shirt includes a hand drawn and hand printed designs by Erika Busse. Composting is one of the coolest things nature does and that humans can join in. I like creating shirts with positive messages to be worn in the world.

The garments are SoftShirts, 100% organic cotton shirts. They are a super soft tee and run a little larger than average. I recommend ordering your normal shirt size and expecting this to fit like the most cozy t-shirt you own! The shirts are pre-shrunk and can be washed as normal.

Screen printing is a very new form of printmaking. Using a scan of the original illustration, Erika then creates a print on film of the art. The image is "burned" onto the screen, creating a stencil of it. Then ink is able to be pushed through the open area of the screen with a squeegee, this prints the image onto the garment. This print includes a split fountain technique, which allows the color gradient to form. After printing, the ink is cured at a high temperature to ensure it does not come off in the wash.