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Mushroom Print, Love, Linocut Print, Handprinted, Chanterelle, Plant Pun, Valentine's Card, Fungus, Morel, Handmade, Friendship, Small Print

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This linocut mushroom print is an original hand made design! It is the perfect way to tell a friend, partner, family member, or yourself how much you love them.

I am a professional printmaker and all of my carvings are made with love! This is a linoleum block carving, hand stamped onto BFK Reeves 270 gsm Printmaking Paper (it is the best stuff!)

I hand tear all of my paper. The edges are therefore deviled, which I think is a beautiful effect for a print! This means that the edges are not perfectly cut.


Since every piece is handprinted, I just want you to know that they can turn out slightly different than the photograph. I do my best to make everything uniform, but I hope that getting a unique print is something special for you! Please feel free to ask me any questions about my process before purchasing. I have a high level of standard for my prints, but I am not a machine. Thank you for understanding and supporting artists! You're awesome!