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Puzzle Block Printmaking Class

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Welcome!  This is my intermediate level linoleum block printmaking class. I will be teaching my “puzzle block” printmaking technique, a fun and easy way to create 2 color original prints. I will also talk about different printmaking supplies available, such as paper, carving tools, and inks, beyond the entry level materials that are available. After purchase, you will receive a video download with 11 parts of the process, all broken down for you so you can easily pause, and follow at your own pace. Please include your email in the check out process so I can send you the class videos.

This is a class for people that already have a base knowledge about relief printing and may have even created a linoleum block or woodcut before. This class is also great for printmakers looking to expand their skills, learn a new process, and connect with other artists. 

I love talking about printmaking! Please share your project with me and do not hesitate to ask me questions if there is something I did not cover.

I graduated with a B.A. in Printmaking and a B.S. in business from the University of Alabama in 2017, and I have been blessed to put both of these practices into use ever since. Always creating since graduation, I decided to start my full-time art business in 2020. I have been very supported, and am always trying to expand my community, outreach, and spread the joy of life through visuals. I appreciate all the help I have gotten along the way. I work in illustration, oil painting, clothing design, and animation, beyond my printmaking. Please check out my online portfolios here:


And my online art store here:


The steps I cover in this video are:

  1. Supplies needed
  2. Designing
  3. Transferring the design to the block
  4. Carving methods and carving tools
  5. Puzzling!
  6. Printmaking paper and paper prep
  7. Inking and inks
  8. Printing
  9. Safely cleaning
  10. Signing prints
  11. Additional tips and tricks!
    1. Create your own inking slabs
    2. My simple registration technique
    3. My home studio drying/hanging method

I hope you enjoy!

Links to the supplies I use:

Cranfield Inks -

Brayer -

Barens -

German style carving tools -

Japanese style carving tools -